Press & Testimonials


Worker Cooperatives Offer Real Alternatives to Trump’s Retrograde Economic Vision. Waging Nonviolence. 23 Jan 2018.

Member Highlight: Maharlika Cleaning Cooperative. US Federation of Worker Cooperatives. 21 Feb 2017.

From Exploited to Entrepreneur: Life After Human Trafficking. Makilala TV, Episode 39. 21 Oct 2016.

Worker Cooperatives in the US Raising Labour Standards. Al Jazeera. 8 Apr 2016.

Damayan Cleaning Cooperative: Helping One Another. The Laura Flanders Show. 19 Jan 2016. (Link to full episode on Zillah Eisenstein and Damayan.)

Filipina Trafficking Survivors Launch a Co-op – And They Own Their Own Jobs. Yes! Magazine. 23 Dec 2015.

Trafficking: One woman’s journey from Staten Island slavery to her own boss. Christian Science Monitor. 2 Nov 2015.

First Filipina worker-owned cleaning cooperative launched. The FilAm. 29 Sept 2015.

Maharlika Cleaning Cooperative is proud to complete the challenge to be a finalist for Best for NYC by striving to create high quality jobs, build stronger communities, preserve a healthier environment, and organize for worker power and social justice.We are honored to use the cooperative marque of the International Cooperative Alliance.


Client Testimonials

“Our experience with Maharlika has been excellent. Jean does a wonderful job cleaning. The price was competitive, and the quality outstanding. In an industry that has a reputation for low wages, high-turnover, and low morale, Maharlika has created a win-win. Good jobs, decent wages, and outstanding value for the customer.” – Neil C., Brooklyn Creative League

“It was incredibly easy to get in touch with Maharlika, and while they only clean offices, they were able to send someone to help me prepare my house for move-in. Emma was incredibly punctual, thorough, and just a really wonderful person to work with – and I would love to work with her and Maharlika again! I can’t recommend them enough!” – Justine P.

“Damayan Cleaning Cooperative [now Maharlika] and their workers are a breeze to work with and have worked with us through the trying circumstances of an extended move-in period and continued construction. They’ve been great.” – North Star Foundation

“A super crew of 5 helped over the weekend to clean and organize a topsy turvy 5,000 sq ft. office that was in the middle of carpet installation. They did a terrific job and helped us meet our deadline!!” – Karen P.

“Damayan Cleaning Cooperative [now Maharlika] is an excellent 100% worker-owned home and office cleaning service. They are “green” cleaners and have OSHA training. Annie, who cleans our apartment, is pleasant, efficient, personable. She arrives on time and is very thorough, yet quick at the same time. Every room is left spotless and tidy (and I am a bit of a neat freak!). I enjoy her company (I work at home) and even my shy cats like her! Their fees are very reasonable. I highly recommend them for office cleaning!” – Laurie D.

“Damayan Cleaning Cooperative [now Maharlika] is the office cleaning service we use in our office in Manhattan. The workers are professional, trustworthy and very dependable. All the staff are very happy and satisfied with their services and work ethics.” – Rose A.

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