Why should I choose Maharlika Cleaning Cooperative for my office cleaning?

What is a worker cooperative?

How do I schedule a cleaning or get a quote?

How long is the cleaning going to take?

Will I get the same worker for each cleaning?

What is Maharlika Cleaning Cooperative’s payment process?

What is your scheduling and cancellation policy?

What is your holiday policy?

What happens if my office has a complaint about your cleaning?

Does my office have to provide supplies?

Are you insured?

Do you require a minimum number of cleaning hours to take a client?

1 Maharlika Cleaning is a socially responsible cooperative business that provides office cleaning services in NYC’s five boroughs. Maharlika members collectively have over 100 years of cleaning experience. Our core values – including trust, loyalty and education – ensure that we will provide reliable service with a constant eye for improvement. Our mission of creating healthy and just workplaces – including providing a $15 living wage for all workers – produces a high level of engagement and commitment to our work.

2 A worker cooperative is a business that is owned and controlled by the workers. In the case of Maharlika, all of the cleaners are the actual member-owners of the business. Cooperatives are characterized by their commitment to members and the community, democratic workplaces and ongoing training and education. We make decisions through a participatory democratic process, ensuring that all aspects of our business are examined with the goal of dependability and excellence.

3 When you call or email Maharlika Cleaning Cooperative, our Office Manager will schedule a walkthrough at your office with a member of our cooperative. At the walkthrough we will discuss your cleaning needs and any space constraints. It is helpful if you can also provide the square footage of your office. Once the walkthrough is completed, we will generate a quote within a week based on your needs and send you the contract documents for your review.

4 We will determine an estimate for cleaning time based on the walkthrough at your office.

5 Once you have signed a contract with Maharlika Cleaning Cooperative, our Office Manager will schedule an available member of our cooperative to your office (or multiple members, depending on the size of your space). You can expect the same member(s) to clean your office and familiarize themselves with your space. In the event that the regular member cannot make it, our office will call you and make every effort to find a replacement member who has the same degree of training and expertise.

6 Clients pay Maharlika Cleaning Cooperative directly through check or credit card.

7 We request 60 days’ notice prior to the expiration date if you will not be renewing your contract. At any other point during the year, we request 90 days’ notice prior to termination of a contract.

8 At the time of signing a contract, the Coop requests a Holiday schedule for when the offices are closed; clients must notify Coop at least 5 business days in advance of any additional office closures. If the office is closed and Coop does not have access to the office, it is the responsibility of Client to request that Coop clean on another day before the next assigned cleaning. Maharlika will make good-faith efforts to fulfill the request, but the Coop is not required to perform the cleaning if Client and Coop are unable to find a mutually-agreed-upon alternative cleaning date before the next scheduled cleaning day. The Client does not receive a deduction on any invoice for day(s) the office was closed and Coop did not have access to perform scheduled services.

9 Your satisfaction is incredibly important to us. Our Office Manager will reach out to you periodically so that you can complete a client satisfaction survey. We request notification for any dissatisfaction you may have with our service within 24 hours. We ask for a 30 day period in which to remedy any complaint, after which a client can request to terminate a contract with 30 days’ notice.

10 Every office is different: Some like to provide their own supplies, and others prefer for us to bring them. Simply let us know during the walkthrough if you have a preference, and we will prepare a quote based on this information. If you prefer that Maharlika Cleaning Cooperative provide supplies, we will use only eco-friendly and healthy materials.

11 Maharlika Cleaning Cooperative has general liability insurance through GWB Brokerage.

12 The coop requests that all contracts provide a minimum of 4 hours of labor per week, as determined by the walkthrough.

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